The Honington Grange Inter-Hunt Relay

Saturday 14th April 2018

Once again very kindly supported by Honington Grange, the hunt relay competition rules are broadly as follows:

  • Each team to comprise of three members
  • All horses, runners and riders to have hunted regularly during 2017/18 season
  • Full hunting attire to be worn
  • The winning team will be the team completing in shortest time
  • 20 seconds will be added to the completed time for each knock down or foot (human!) in the water
  • Jumps will be approximately 1m

Teams will be required to proceed through start flags (time will be taken as the first horse crosses the line).

The first obstacle will be a gate; once open, the first team member can proceed around the course. The gate must be closed as the first team member passes back through it after their round before the second team member starts and so on through the team.

The first team member will then hand his whip to the second team member, who will complete the course, and hand the whip to the third member.

Once the third member completes the course the team must go back through the gate, close it securely and cross the finish line. (Time will be taken when the last horse crosses the line).

The course will include some or all of the following: solid and knock down rails, hedges, footbridge.

No human or horse may enter the dressage arena for any reason!

The chase fence must be jumped the correct way. All other jumps can be jumped either way. Any foot packs must negotiate the wire fence, instead of the chase fence, without putting any part of the body on the wooden rails at the bottom.

At the ditch, foot packs must negotiate the stepping stones rather than the planks.

Judge’s decision is final.  No protest will be heard until a non-refundable cash sum of £500 is lodged with the Event Director (if you can catch him!!)

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