Press at Belton

We welcome the media at our events and aim to make it as simple to attend and as successful as we can for you.

You will need to complete a Press Accreditation form (see below) and return this with proof of your insurance. You will be issued with an e-ticket in the week prior to the event. This ticket will be valid on all days of competition.

On arrival at Belton, please report to the event office where you will be issued with a press bib ( 10 refundable deposit) and a programme or running order.

Please see the following Bede Press Policy and event accreditation form.


  • All members of the press and all photographers should apply to the Event Organiser for Press Accreditation and anyone unaccredited will be asked to leave the Event Site.
  • All photographers must carry full and valid Public Liability and Third Party Liability insurance and by accepting these conditions indemnify the owners/managers of the estate and the Horse Trials against the costs, claims and any other expenses that they may incur from any third party.
  • Evidence of such insurances must be available and produced upon request during the event.
  • Any contravention of this policy will lead to the cancellation of your accreditation for this and all future events, you will be asked to leave the event site and a fine may be imposed.
  • All accredited media must comply with the requests & instruction of the event organisers and stewards at all time.
  • Application for accreditation indicates acceptance of the above conditions.

Press Accreditation form for Belton 2018